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Trogon Services Limited is a duly registerd Enviromental Social Impact Assement(ESIA) company under NEMA(National Enviromental Management Authority) and incorporated in Kenya, We are a leading company for predicting and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of your proposed project, evaluating alternatives and designing appropriate mitigation,management and monitoring measures

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Mr Samuel

"Masters of science in Environmental Science "
"Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Management"

" We need to keep on environment and ecosystem in check if we want our planet to survive and our children to enjoy, my core function is to lead the team to always do he best to protect the planet ! "

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Environmental Audit

We appraise all project activities, including the production of goods and services, taking into consideration environmental regulatory frameworks,environmental standards, environmental health and safety measures and sustainable use of natural resources.

Ecological survey

We identify the habitats and/or species that exist within an area at the time of the survey. Most development proposals will have the potential to impact on the local biodiversity of the development site either through the direct loss of habitats, the reduction in the value of the habitat or the ability of the habitat to support the species that depend on them

Biological Surveys

We are a team of biodiversity and ecosystem services experts, focusing on practical solutions for managing biodiversity risk and achieving positive conservation outcomes. We work across sectors to establish leading environmental performance and to deliver an ecologically sustainable basis for development

Enviromental Social Impact Assessment

Our Subject Matter Experts are on the ground with local partners to enable us provide independent but integrated support for projects in Kenya and internationally by predicting and assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project, evaluating alternatives and designing appropriate mitigation, management and monitoring plans.

Stakeholder engagement

We utilise our extensive network, and consultants’ experience with academic and civil society sectors to identify and advise on stakeholders who potentially have an interest in our clients’ activities. Mapping stakeholders and understanding their hopes and expectations correctly is critical to managing risk. We have mapped stakeholders as part of due diligence and risk screening exercises for a many companies and organisations

Baseline studies

A baseline study is essential in order to be able to determine the level of impact expected and to enable the monitoring of impacts after the development has occurred. In some cases, baseline information will need to be gathered in the field, and in others it will already be available and need only be collated. Where a project has a number of alternative sites, each of the sites should undergo a baseline study so that the relative severity of the impacts for each alternative can be assessed.

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